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Makeda, Queen of Sheba, was an archetypal Woman of Spirit! The legendary Queen of Sheba or Saba, located in present day Yemen or Ethiopia, she journeyed to Jerusalem where she met the most powerful Middle Eastern monarch of her day - King Solomon.

The Bible tells us that she wanted to sit at the feet of Solomon to learn from his fabled wisdom. History teaches us that Makeda had other things in mind as well: political and trade alliances to strengthen her country and bring peace and prosperity to her people.

Fearlessly, she made the long journey to Solomon's kingdom, bringing with her rich gifts from Sheba. A dark, Ethiopian beauty, it is said that she captured the heart of Solomon. He wrote one of the most famous love poems in the English language for her, The Song of Solomon. The story continues that Solomon begged Makeda to marry him, and to remain with him always. Instead, Makeda returned to Sheba, where she gave birth to a son, rumored to be fathered by Solomon.

Why did Makeda go home to Sheba? We can only speculate. My guess is that she returned to care for her people. Also, in Israel, a patriarchal society, she would only have been one among many of Solomon's queens and concubines. In Sheba, she ruled as queen!

Makeda was a powerful woman of substance, who knew where her best and highest interests lay. She was true to her great destiny. (Story and Biblical references on back of card.)

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