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Remember playing when you were little? All you wanted was time, and a few square feet of ground where you and your best friend could do somersaults, cartwheels, and play leapfrog. The point was to GO! To catapult your body through space and feel free, for a moment, from the pull of Earth, and the need to behave.

By now, your Leapfrog Days are probably over. Responsibilities for a home, job, family, friends, and other people's expectations may tie you down. And a good thing too. Responsibilities and connections keep us grounded and engaged.

Still, inside every woman there lives a child who wants to come out and play. Let her! She keeps us open to wonder and joy.

So let's make a play date! It doesn't have to be leapfrog. Just something that will put a grin on your face and a skip back in your step. We're MEANT to have fun!

Besides. It's great to watch the expression on children's faces when grown-ups play. They need to learn that you're never too old to be young! (Story on back of card.)


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