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Isis is known as the "Lady of 10,000 names." Her true name, however, is Isis, meaning throne. She is Queen of Heaven, Earth and the Underworld, the maker and sustainer of kings. In this image she is shown as the winged Isis. She used her magical wings to fan life back into her murdered husband, Osiris, for one night of love. The border tells a portion of her complex legend.

Isis and Osiris fell in love while still in their mother's womb. (They were siblings as well as spouses.) Their jealous brother, Set, plotted to kill Osiris and usurp his throne. Creating a beautiful sarcophagus to his brother's measurements, Set invited Osiris to try it out. Foolishly, he did. Set and his followers sealed him inside and threw the casket into the Nile where it floated out to sea, and drifted ashore at Byblos in Syria. Nourished by the spirit of Osiris, a mighty tree grew up around his sarcophagus.

Isis tracked her lost love to Byblos. The tree encasing him had been cut and carved into a pillar for the king's palace. Divining that Osiris lay hidden within, Isis convinced the queen to give her the pillar. She removed the coffin and took it back to Egypt where she hid it from Set.

Set discovered the hiding place, however, and stole the body. He chopped it into fourteen pieces, scattering them so Isis could never put them together again. But the goddess refused to give up. She searched for and found thirteen pieces of her husband's body. She created a wooden phallus to replace his single missing member. With the power of her love, she revived him for long enough to conceive their son, Horus. Afterwards, Osiris descended into the Underworld where he became King and Judge of the Dead, still supported by his queen.

When Horus grew up, Isis helped him defeat Set and made him king in his father's place. Set became the God of Chaos and Storm.

Even today, Isis is revered as great mother, wife, lover, life-restorer, and soul mate. Steadfast and strong, she promises her followers that they will "live glorious in my protection!" (Story on back of card.)


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