Click to enlargePISCES: February 20-March 20

Pisces' natural element is the ocean. A woman born under this sign experiences life as fluid, ever changing, and filled with rich potential. Uncomfortable with boundaries and restriction, she is intuitively aware of subtle shades of meaning and differing points of view. She is creative, musical, emotional, compassionate, and deeply loving. Sometimes, she needs protection from people who take advantage of her sensitivity and kindness!

A Greek myth tells how the goddess of love, Aphrodite, and her son-lover, Eros, were turned into fish when they leaped into the water to escape the wrath of the storm god, Typhon. In ancient images of the fish, their tails remained connected by a cord, so powerful was the attraction between them. Later, in the early days of Christianity, Christ, the Fisher of Men, was called Ichthys---or the Fish.

In this image, a Piscean swims with dolphins in a circle symbolizing eternal renewal. Her whole being is suffused with the music of water and life. She seems wrapped in dreams.

Celebrate her dreams and loving compassion! (Story of sign is on back of card.)

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