Click to enlargeThe Face of Receptivity

The Face of Receptivity

A beautiful woman meditates beneath the Tree of Life.

The Tree's roots sink deep into the Earth. Reaching for Heaven, its branches carry a rich harvest of tender leaves and golden pears.

The woman too is fruitful. Is she with child? Perhaps. She may also be pregnant with an idea, a dream, a poem or song she has carried in her heart for a long time. Now, she is ready to bring it forth.

To support her intention to generate something new, whether it is a baby, a work of imagination, or a new level of personal growth, she enlists the powerful, creative energy of a loving Universe.

How does she do that? She sits quietly and opens her heart to all that Creation is ready to lavish on her. There will be work to do, of course. But first comes the belief in infinite possibility.

"I am open and ready to receive," she breathes, aligning herself with Spirit.

Say "yes!" to your dreams. Be ready to receive. Be glad to give back. Expect miracles!


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