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This card celebrates our unique love affairs with cats.

Women and cats go back a long way. In ancient Egypt, cats were protected by Bast, the daughter of Ra, the Sun King. Her temple in the city of Bubastis had a necropolis where hundreds of mummified cats were buried. It was a capital crime to kill a cat in Bubastis, even accidentally. Cat owners shaved off their eyebrows as a sign of mourning when their pet died. Bastís gifts to cat lovers were joy and pleasure.

Cats can be challenging. My Catty Puss was affectionate but demanding. He refused to be left out of anything. And his favorite resting place from the time he was a kitten, was on the shoulder of the people he loved. As he grew bigger, this meant that he progressed from being an adorable fuzz ball nestled beneath my ear, to a humungous cat-fur stole that wrapped round my neck and hung down my chest like one of those fox fur pieces my mother and grandmother used to wear.

Still, I seldom had the heart Ė or the determination Ė to dislodge him. When he died, I didnít shave my eyebrows. But I miss him still. (Story on back.)

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