Click to enlargeCAPRICORN: December 22-January 19

A woman born under this star possesses power, endurance, and the drive to climb any mountain. Highly creative, she has strong organizational skills and the tenacity to achieve her wildest dreams. She can be cautious, but once her wary heart is given, she seldom takes it back. There is no more loyal friend, lover or family member!

Myths surround Capricorn. A Greek legend tells of Pan, the horned demigod with a man's torso and goat's legs. The god of shepherds and flocks, he preferred to live in the mountains with the animals he loved, rather than with his fellow gods on Mount Olympus. He delighted in playing his pipes of Pan and chasing nymphs through the woods.

In this image, like Pan, the goddess enjoys some solitude with the goats. These are mountain goats, majestic creatures specially adapted to the rugged terrain of the Rocky Mountains. Like these amazing creatures, the goddess is sure-footed and fearless, strong to protect her own, intent on following her path, but relishing privacy too.

Celebrate her boldly going where others fear to tread! (Story of sign on back of card.)

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