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The Beautiful Dancer dances as if her life depends upon it. Because it does. In a fight with breast cancer, she knows that what she brings to the battle will be decisive.

Cancer is a formidable opponent Ė but so is she.

Like a good soldier, she has marshaled her resources. A small army of people stands beside her. Her doctors, with all their latest technology and medical procedures, give her choices we never had before. Her loved ones, friends and colleagues rally to her. A church family may pray for and with her. The great sisterhood of women who Walk, Run and Ride for the Cure, send up collective songs of hope that include her and every woman on Earth.

Her secret weapon is herself. Her great spirit, heart and will. She knows, if she didnít know it before, that she is more than a breast. More than an illness. She is Woman. A divine creation of Spirit. A Goddess incarnate! And she has much to live for: her loved ones, her work, her unique place in the world. Her determination to live fully, joyfully, and in the present, will carry her through many difficult moments toward healing.

So dance, goddess, dance! Donít be afraid of your scars, your temporarily bald head. Scars will fade; hair will grow back. (There are always scarves, hats and funky wigs if you canít take the radical chic of bald.) Instead, focus on your heart and soul and how they are expanding! Think of your inner beauty, and how it shines brighter than ever!

Dance, Goddess, Dance! Celebrate your undiminished spirit.